Vegan wine and food in Tuscany

Vegan wine and food in Tuscany

Some of the most popular dishes in Tuscany are vegans such as Pappa al pomodoro, Panzanella and Ribollita

Red as … Pappa al pomodoro and Chianti wine.

The pappa al pomodoro, tomato soup, is a special balance between the amount of stale bread, typical Tuscan “sciocco” that is, without salt, ripe tomatoes, some garlic cloves, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and even a hint of sugar, vegetable broth; and requires precise workmanship, made from crusty bread on the grill or in the oven, the preparation of tomato to be seeded and cut into chunks. Tradition has it that the cooking is done in a “coccio”: a terracotta pot which makes cooking slow and nice, and the food tastier. The final basil and abundant extra virgin olive oil provide an explosion of flavors that only a good glass of Vegan Chianti wine can bring out even more!

Panzanella is another traditional tuscan recipe, it  is a cold row dish, but just as tasty, where the presence of vinegar (maybe Chianti vinegar) does not allow to drink wine with. Even panzanella has as protagonist the bread, vinegar and oil, and fresh tomato. And the red onion as absolute queen, along with thinly sliced cucumbers that are the pages.

The pappa al pomodoro tomato soup and panzanella, as well as ribollita,  are simple foods in the choice of ingredients, but due the attention to the doses and cooking times (on the stove and in ‘vinegar) they need trained and experienced chefs: for this reason taste these dishes at their best is not always easy! We have chosen some restaurants  that can make you taste these specialties deeply rooted in Tuscan culinary history. Here, the pleasure of being at the table eating tasty things is naturally and simply vegan and you certainly want to try.