What makes wine vegan?

Are all wines vegan?

Let’s clarify one thing: not all wines are vegan. Not all organic wines are vegan. All biodynamic wines are not vegan with some exceptions, because they normally use propolis and ox horn. So what is vegan wine?

What is in wine that is not vegan?

It is a very common practice to use numerous ingredients of animal origin up to 70. In the vineyard with the use of fertilizers such as cow dung and maybe even from cows locked up in intensive farms.  During the wine clarification and stabilization process, all these substances can be found:

  • carmine, which is a red dye of crushed insects, especially the crushed bodies of pregnant female beetles
  • Gelatine (fish bladder), jelly (cow’s feet, knees, horse’s hooves, pig’s feet, animal bones and tendons),
  • Albumin (egg or blood),
  • Honey
  • Chitin, (derived from the shells of crabs, lobsters or other crustaceans),
  • Eggs
  • Natural charcoal,  another term for bone charcoal
  • Pepsin (an agent derived from pigs),
  • Glycerol monostearate (produced by the degradation of animal fat)

Some ingredients of animal origin also used as additives to the wine itself.

Can vegans drink wine?

Yes of course, but you have to make sure they are vegan certified like our wineries.

Vegan Vacation Time, guarantees that all wineries we have been collaborating with for years and claiming to produce vegan wine have made a written declaration in this regard. They are wineries that we visit daily, controlling both the winemaking and the aging cellar.

What does it mean to clarify a wine?

Clarification refers to the process by which numerous organic components are removed such as polyphenols, benzenoid sulfides or copper ions, proteins with the aim of making the drink clearer and stabilizing the aroma and flavor.

In conclusion, when you drink a glass of white, rosé or red or a sparkling wine, be very careful if you are vegan.



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