Vegan wine donuts

Vegan Wine Donuts

Ingredients 1 glass of White wine 1/2 glass of Brown…
What makes wine vegan?

Are all wines vegan?

Let's clarify one thing: not all wines are vegan. Not all organic…
Cecina with Zucchini

Vegan Cecina and Zucchini trifolati

Cecina is a dish from the Tuscan tradition, mainly from the Maremma…

Vegan Pumpkin mustard

Vega Pumpkin mustard 250 g pumpkin pulp 200 g sugar 1 lemon 10…
A glass of vegan red wine

Vegan Wines & Vegan Wineries

When considering wine one would think that all wines…

Vegan Cooking Recipe, part 2

You are just come back from your Vegan Vacation in Tuscany, well…

Vegan Cooking Recipes, part one

You can experience creating these and many other Vegan Recipes…
Vegan Christmas dinner

Vegan holiday meal

It’s easy to prepare a vegan holiday meal This holiday season,…

Vegan Wine

Vegan wine, given that wine is made from fermented grapes, it…