Vegans in Florence

Vegans in Florence

Yes, the beauty of Florence touches everyone and is loved by everyone because it is not just a matter of places to visit and items to see, but something you can breathe: the human genius and History, in its ancient city center and also in its rural surroundings, where the Arno plain gives way to rolling hills, like those of Chianti region, drawn by the rows of vineyards and cypress trees and country farms.

 Eating vegan

There are places where respect for the lives of all living beings, plants, animals and humans is crucial, and where time flows slower and pleasant; a good vegan restaurants in Florence has precisely these characteristics: the food is cruelty free, thought and prepared without animal ingredients, healthy and very tasty, and includes typical Tuscan dishes with a strong flavor such as panzanella, black cabbage soup, pappa al pomodoro, the “vegan tondone trippato”and also vegan recipes of the classic Italian cuisine, creative and innovative, even with raw food cues. We may recommend also exclusive vegan cooking classes where the welcome is warm and where you can carve out a very relaxing time in the beauty of a family home in the heart of Florence or in the surrounding hills and learning how to make delicious vegan food going back home with delicious vegan recipes

Tuscan Vegan wines

And if you like the countryside, come with us and enjoy a glass of one of many tuscan vegan wines! Here, in these vineyards, the soil is never maximized and vines do not need manure or other fertilizers to enhance their functions, and that you’ll feel in the glass. So.. a glass of natural tuscan vegan wine, a tasty and ethically right food, what is missing in your day off?