• 2 hours

    Only in January, February, July, August, November and December, 2 hours

  • Location

    Florence and Tuscany countryside

  • Price


Join us for an unforgettable Vegan Fresh Pasta Class in the heart of Tuscany, just moments away from the vibrant city of Florence. This two-hour culinary adventure, followed by a delightful tasting session, invites you to master the art of vegan Italian cooking. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious foodie, this experience is designed to unveil the rich traditions of Florentine cuisine, reimagined for the vegan palate.

Your Culinary Journey Begins

  • Homemade Vegan Fresh Pasta: Discover the joy of creating homemade vegan pasta from scratch. Learn the secrets behind the perfect dough, combining traditional Italian techniques with plant-based ingredients.

Explore a Variety of Pasta Shapes and Fillings

  • Various Pasta Shapes: Dive into the world of pasta shapes, from the classic Tagliatelle and Tagliolini to the hearty Pappardelle and delightful Orecchiette. Each shape tells a story, a tradition passed down through generations in the Tuscan culinary heritage.
  • Stuffed Pasta Mastery: Venture into the realm of stuffed pastas, including Tortelli and Ravioli. Our vegan versions of these beloved dishes are filled with innovative plant-based ingredients, offering a new twist on traditional flavors.

The Colorful World of Pasta

  • Colored Pasta Creations: Unleash your creativity with colored pasta, using natural ingredients like spinach, beetroot, and turmeric. These vibrant hues not only add a visual pop to your dishes but also infuse them with subtle flavors and added nutrients.

A Taste of Tuscany

After your hands-on cooking class, sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This tasting session is a chance to savor your vegan pasta dishes, accompanied by a selection of local vegan wines and beverages, celebrating the rich vegan culture in Italy.

Great vegan and organic cooking Class

I highly recommend this vegan cooking class because it is great for many reasons:
1. The location is Amazing
2. The chef is a renowned vegan chef, she is kind, fun and she knows what she is doing.
3. You will make the most AMAZING hand made pasta you have ever tasted and it is so fresh!
4. Plus you take the recipes home with you.
Seriously, this class is great for vegans in Tuscany
I am even thinking to take the second level of the vegan cooking class! highly recommend it
You will not regret it!

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