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    Every day from Monday to Sunday, 4 hours

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    Florence and Tuscany countryside

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In our Italian Vegan Cooking School in Tuscany and Florence , we use only our biodynamics products from our vegetable garden or small organic farms nearby.

Join our Italian Vegan Cooking Class also Gluten free on requestjust outside Florence with our Tuscan Vegan Chef.

A Vegan holiday in Tuscany is not a real vacation without a Tuscany Vegan Cooking Class of the typical Florentine Cuisine.

You will learn, you will do yourself, and you’ll take home wonderful and unique Italian Vegan Recipes.

Great vegan and organic cooking Class

I highly recommend this vegan cooking class because it is great for many reasons:
1. The location is Amazing
2. The chef is a renowned vegan chef, she is kind, fun and she knows what she is doing.
3. You will make the most AMAZING hand made pasta you have ever tasted and it is so fresh!
4. Plus you take the recipes home with you.
Seriously, this class is great for vegans in Tuscany
I am even thinking to take the second level of the vegan cooking class! highly recommend it
You will not regret it!

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