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    From August 3rd to August 10th, 2024

    Luxurious Vegan Retreat in the Heart of Tuscany

    Embrace the allure of Italy’s rustic charm with our bespoke vegan retreat, set amidst the rolling hills and vine-clad landscapes of Tuscany.

    Vegan Vineyard Odyssey: Taste Tuscany’s Terroir

    Sustainable Sipping: A Day Amongst the Vines

    Indulge in an exquisite day of vegan wine-tasting as we traverse the famed Chianti region, home to some of the most prestigious organic vegan wineries. Sip on the finest vegan Chianti and Super Tuscan wines, each a testament to the region’s eco-friendly viticulture and rich winemaking heritage.

    Culinary Artistry: Vegan Cooking with Tuscan Masters

    From Farm to Table: An Epicurean Journey

    Join our vegan Tuscan chef for immersive cooking demos and classes that bring the vibrant flavors of Italy to your plate. Discover how to craft authentic Florentine dishes using plant-based ingredients—a treasure trove of vegan recipes awaits.

    The Quintessential Vegan Holiday Experience

    Vegan Delights at the Villa: Your Culinary Home

    Nestled in a quaint village in Chianti, our retreat serves as the perfect base for your vegan Tuscan adventure. Relish in a delectable menu of veganized Italian classics, lovingly prepared by our private chef.

    Exploring Montepulciano and the Crete Senesi: A Journey Through Tuscany’s Heart

    Montepulciano and Crete Senesi Excursion: Discovering Tuscan Jewels

    Dive into the essence of Tuscany with a day trip to Montepulciano and the breathtaking landscapes of the Crete Senesi. These iconic destinations offer a deep dive into the region’s rich history, exquisite architecture, and, of course, its renowned vegan-friendly wines. Montepulciano, famed for its noble wine and medieval beauty, alongside the lunar landscapes of the Crete Senesi, provides the perfect backdrop for our culinary adventure. Experience the harmony of Tuscan culture, savoring plant-based delights and vegan wines that celebrate the local terroir.

    Your Invitation to Tuscany’s Vegan Heart

    We’re crafting more than a getaway; we’re weaving a tapestry of experiences that marry the traditions of Tuscany with the vibrant vegan lifestyle. Join us for a retreat that promises to nourish your body, delight your palate, and leave your spirit soaring.

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