Celebrate Easter with a Vegan Twist: Savory Vegan Pasqualina Cake

Discover the flavors of spring with this vegan adaptation of the traditional Easter Pasqualina cake. Perfect for outdoor picnics and pairing with a vegan Tuscan red Chianti, this recipe is a delightful nod to historical Italian cuisine.

The Roots of Vegan Pasqualina

A Dish Steeped in Tradition

The Vegan Pasqualina cake, with its centuries-old origins, is a festive dish traditionally enjoyed during the Easter holidays. This recipe offers a vegan take on the classic, embracing the spirit of Spring and the awakening of nature.

Ingredients for Your Vegan Easter Celebration

For the Filling:

  • Spinach, cleaned, 1.5 kg
  • Soft tofu, 500 g
  • Vegan Parmesan-style cheese, 190 g
  • Onion, ½, finely chopped
  • Fresh marjoram, 3 sprigs, chopped
  • Nutmeg, a pinch
  • Black pepper, to taste
  • Salt, to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 25 g

For the Pastry:

  • All-purpose flour (00 flour), 600 g
  • Water, approximately 350 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 35 ml
  • Salt, a pinch
  • Ready-made puff pastry, 2 sheets

Crafting the Perfect Vegan Pasqualina

Preparing the Pastry

Begin your Vegan Pasqualina by combining flour, water, olive oil, and a pinch of salt to form your pastry dough. Divide into portions and roll out into thin sheets.

The Heart of Pasqualina: The Filling

Sauté your choice of chard or spinach with olive oil and onion. Season with salt and pepper, then allow the greens to cool. Combine with crumbled tofu, vegan Parmesan, marjoram, additional salt, pepper, and a touch of nutmeg, creating a rich and flavorful mixture.

Assembling Your Vegan Pasqualina Cake

Layering the Pastry and Filling

In an oiled 30 cm pan, lay out the first pastry sheet, allowing it to overhang the edges. Fill with the spinach-tofu mix, leveling it smoothly. Brush the top with oil before adding the second pastry sheet, sealing the edges.

Baking to Perfection

Bake your Pasqualina cake in a preheated oven at 180°C (or 160°C in a convection oven) for 55 minutes, until the pastry is golden and crisp.

Serving and Pairing Your Vegan Pasqualina

The Final Touch: Slicing and Enjoying

Once baked to perfection, let your Vegan Pasqualina cool slightly before slicing. The crisp layers and hearty filling are a perfect match for a robust vegan wine, completing the Easter feast.

Perfect Pairings

This Vegan Pasqualina pairs beautifully with a vegan Tuscan red Chianti, marrying the flavors of Italy’s vegan culinary heritage with its renowned winemaking traditions.